Vanessa Peña-Araya, Mauricio Quezada, Bárbara Poblete, Denis Parra.

The goal of this work was to use social media as a source of information for the historical analysis of news events, that could be used by journalists or historians. The idea was to provide means to make sense of these large volumes of data from a social and geopolitical point of view. We created made three main contributions: (i) a news event model, (ii) a visualization tool to explore news events using this model, and (iii) the analysis of a set of news events collected from Twitter for about two years that included important events such as the Crimea crisis.

The work was ported to the Chilean context by Jazmine Maldonado and with support of National Library of Chile ( The authors were partially supported by FONDECYTGrant 11121511 and the Millennium Nucleus Center for Se-mantic Web Research under Grant NC120004

Main Projects


Perception studies

Two perception studies conducted during my first year as postdoc with the ILDA team where I compared visualizations for geo-temporal data.

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Visualization of news from Twitter

Model and visualization of news events extracted from Twitter in their geopolitical context.

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Visualization of software test coverage

Visualization framework to explore and improve the test coverage of a software.

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