Vanessa Peña-Araya, Alexandre Bergel

Its main goal was to design a visualization framework that allowed developers to improve the test coverage of their software applications. The process involved developing a visual representation of all the methods of a piece of software and their classes. This representation depicts inherent characteristics of a method, as its inner complexity or the calls to other methods in order to see dependency relationships. In addition, it represents the test coverage in a visual way, highlighting those that have not been tested at all, indicating which has weak testing and indicating those that do not need testing (e.g. abstract methods). The tool that implements this visual representation is called Hapao and it was developed in the Pharo language and developing environment (https://pharo.org/). It was later transferred to VisualWorks (https://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/main/products/)

The work had the following publications:

Main Projects


Perception studies

Two perception studies conducted during my first year as postdoc with the ILDA team where I compared visualizations for geo-temporal data.

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Visualization of news from Twitter

Model and visualization of news events extracted from Twitter in their geopolitical context.

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Visualization of software test coverage

Visualization framework to explore and improve the test coverage of a software.

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