Originally taught by Anastasia Bezerianos.

The goal of the M2 Career Seminar is to introduce Masters (and Ph.D.) students to a career in research, in industry or as an entrepreneur.

This course is essential if you plan to apply for a Ph.D. grant, either at the Universite Paris-Saclay, or elsewhere. However, the course is also relevant for anyone who plans to join a startup, to conduct research at Inria, CNRS, or an industrial research laboratory, or to work in any international organization.

We will emphasize technical writing and communication in English, with a series of exercises, both in class and as homework assignments. You will also receive practical training, including how to choose a research topic, how to search, review and cite the research literature, how to organize and write a research paper and how to present your research project.

We will discuss the politics of research, including the publication process, deciding where to publish, choosing a doctoral program, cultural differences in research, different types of research careers, as well as plagarism and research ethics.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about a career and to prepare you for an excellent internship next spring.


Class and assignements

Session 1 [09-09-22] - Vanessa

Session 2 [16-09-22] - OTECI (Philippe)

Session 3 [23-09-22] - Vanessa

Session 4 [30-09-22] - Vanessa

Session 5 [07-10-22] - OTECI (Philippe)

Session 6 [14-10-22] - Vanessa

Evaluation -> giving a presentation

SESSION 7 [21-10-22] - OTECI (Philippe)

Evaluation -> pitch + CV