Selected academic teaching experience

A more detailed version can be found in my cv

  • École Polytechnique, Paris, France [2019-2021]
    • TA - INF552: Visualisation des Données. (Master level, ~60 student each class).
  • Computer Science Department, University of Chile [2010-2017]
    • TA - Information Visualization [2016, 2017] (Master level & undergraduate, 14-21 student per class)
    • TA - Algorithms and Data Structures [2016, 2017] (Mandatory for Computer Science Engineering degree, 80-90 student per class)
    • TA - Computational Tools for Engineering and Science [2014] (Mandatory for Engineering degree, 105 the two courses)
    • TA - Introduction to Computer Science [2013] (Mandatory course for Engineering degree, 91 students divided in three subsections)



In Chile, I participated in two educational projects oriented to teach Computer Science to kids.

  • [2016-2018] I co-founded Niñas Pro(gramadoras) with Jazmine Maldonado. This is an initiative that aims to reduce the gender gap in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Our main activity are ongoing programming wokshops where high school girls can train to compete in the Chilean Olympiad in Informatics, an instance that can lead them to later compete at the International Olympiad in Informatics. We do other activities like talks at school and participate in Science festivals oriented to decrease the gender gap in Computer Science. Although I’m still part of the foundation I no longer participate in their activities since I moved to France.

    Would you like to donate? Really? That would make us very happy! You can go in this link to find out how to do so. Thanks! :D

  • [2013 - 2014] Developing Computational Thinking (Scratch), University of Chile, FCFM, Santiago, Short workshops for developing computational thinking on kids by using Scratch. It was focused on girls and boys of 9 to 12 years old. I was a teacher in the workshops and I helped preparing the material.