I’m a Chilean researcher at Inria Saclay, France. I am a member of the ILDA team, which is part of the Laboratoire Interdisplinaire des Sciences du Numérique, LISN (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS & Inria, a lab created by teams from the LIMSI and the LRI). I have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Chile under the supervision of Bárbara Poblete.

My main research interests are the analysis and visualization of data, mainly focused on geo-temporal data.

I love teaching and I believe learning should be for anyone. Because of this, I was co-founder of Niñas Pro(gramadoras), an initiative that motivate girls to learn to program to reduce the gender gap in STEAM. We aim to show to our girls that computer science is super fun (:
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You can contact me by email at: vanessa.pena-araya [at] inria [dot] fr

Latest Research Projects

Geo-temporal Perception Studies

Perception Studies of Geo-Temporal Visualizations

Two perception studies conducted during my first year as a postdoc where I compared visualizations for geo-temporal data: one for the correlation between two variables and the other for propagation phenomena.